April Photo a Day: 21-30

I can't believe its already May. Crazy stuff, guys. April flew by. Anyway, here's the last ten days of the April photo challenge: 

April 21st

April 22nd
-the last thing you bought-

April 23rd

April 24th
-something you're grateful for-
times like these

April 25th
-looking down

April 26th
-black + white

April 27th
-somewhere you went-
the coffee shop downtown Fredericksburg

April 28th
dark chocolate and caramel with sea salt

April 29th
part of my desk lamp

April 30th
-something that makes you sad-
being in the library when its all pretty outside


Want to do the May Photo a Day Challenge? 
If you haven't tried this kinda thing before, do it. Its actually really fun! It forces a little creativity into your day when you normally wouldn't give yourself the time otherwise. And getting those creative juices flowing is good for you! So,

do it for your health. ;)