keep, toss, reuse, pack.

keep, toss, reuse, pack. keep, toss, reuse, pack. keep, toss, reuse, pack. 

These are the words that I've been saying in my head for the past four hours. Yes, my lovely readers, I'm cleaning my room!! {Although 'cleaning' could be considered an understatement.} Its really more of like... an overhaul. While in the midst of unpacking from the beach and going through stuff from college, I'm also going through everything else and figuring out what I don't use anymore. 

In one clean sweep around my room, I lay my eyes on highschool yearbooks, dirty laundry, posters from my dorm, a printer manual, roughly seven different jewelry pouches, a foam finger, and three bags worth of trash. Talk about overwhelming. But I've accepted the challenge! I live for this kinda stuff. I will see my floor again... I will see my floor again...

But I did manage to step outside to capture a few lovelies that I've been eyeing lately. For me, flowers + macro is like setting a dog treat down in front of a puppy and telling him to stay. I just. can't. help myself. I believe that every flower deserves a macro picture. They're too pretty not too. But turns out living by that philosophy means an abundance of photo albums containing only flowers. Oh well. Enjoy!