I wore this on Friday.

Sweater:: Gap // Lace Tank:: American Eagle // Shorts:: Target // Purse:: Fendi // Bracelets:: Recycled Rubber // Sandals:: TjMaxx

You know what's sucks? Posting photos of a good hair day on a day that you aren't having a good hair day. Like guys, my hair was actually somewhat curly on Friday. Today, I look like I just rolled out of bed. 
But this is what I threw together for work~ simple and comfortable. So simple in fact, that I wish I would have included a chunky necklace or something; I'm still experimenting with statement pieces, so maybe next time! And also, Virginia weather can change in an instant, so layering with a light, cheery sweater made the outfit a little more versatile.
Oh, and you probably can't tell, but I'm wearing lipstick in this picture. Still deciding if it makes me feel fabulous or overdone. And thus continues the inner battle with myself. Anyone else ever feel this way?