My Today.

Where the mind has wondered~

-Sometimes you need to go with the flow, and sometimes you need to really think things through. Finding the balance between the two can be tough, don't you think?  I tend to lean toward the extremes: not caring enough, or caring too much and over thinking things.

-I'm pretty sure my room is the messiest its ever been. There's clothes literally all over the floor, but there's no organization to my dressers. Coming home from college can do that to you, I guess. But that means I can't put my clothes in messy dressers, cause that wouldn't solve anything. So now I'm just in this limbo of knowing I need to go through my clothes and do an overhaul on my dressers, but my level of motivation is comparable to that of a student needing to begin summer homework.

-New staples in my style:: hats and heels. Oh, and I got lipstick and I like it. Not sure how I feel about that. 

-Its 90 degrees outside, perfect tanning weather, but I'm just not feeling it. In fact, today is one of those rare days where I wish is was winter. Where I want to stay inside curled up in a big sweater and a cup of tea and paint and read poems. 

-I'm officially obsessed with Happy Hippo Biscuits. If you can spare 121 calories, go find one and eat it.

-Words I can't spell without seriously thinking about it:: biscuits, receipts, exercise, occasion. I have issues.