One Nine

Happy birthday to me!

Yep, I said it- today is my birthday. Now I normally don't like put myself in the spotlight like this, but I'm just so completely thankful for my friends and family that I had to say something! I had a wonderful birthday dinner with the family last night, followed by indulging in the best dark chocolate and raspberry birthday cake ever, opening thoughtful and wonderful gifts, and then getting kidnapped by my best friends at midnight. I woke up to the sweetest voicemail ever from my "Aunt Ninny,"multiple texts from friends, and my facebook profile has been going cuckoo. 

I feel so special, and its only 10 in the morning. 

Things I've wished for:: 
(because let's face it, I don't believe in all that mumbo jumbo about wishes not coming true.)

:that it would stop raining
:that Christian would stop being sick and start celebrating! ;)
:that the birthday cake I made was actually delicious and not 'pretend' delicious
:that I still had that watermelon dress in the above picture
:that I could feel like this all the time::
(courtesy of 'Aunt Ninny'.)
:and that I could give everyone I know one of these::

Have a wonderful day everyone. Just don't have more fun than me. ;) xo!