Shootin' up the Town

You know what I love? 
Going on a spontaneous photo shoot with a friend to take pictures. just because. 

We went to downtown Staunton and took photos, tip-toed through old turn key shops, 
and scouted out different restaurants to hopefully one day try.  
Good weather, good company, and taking pictures. I'm telling you-- its therapy. 
Oh, and p.s.::
I'm leaving for a (much needed) vacation tomorrow! My family and I are going to the beach, ya know, for like a legit family vacation. For like, all of us. I'm so super pumped. 

Anywho, while I'm gone, I'm going to try this thing where I just relax-- without the internet. Crazy, I know. So while I take an attempted hiatus from the blogging world, a few of my sweet and lovely sponsors are going to take over. So stay tuned, cause they're all awesome. 

See ya in a week!