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Hello, my wonderful readers!! Today I'd like to introduce a few new lovelies sponsoring One of Five. These ladies are awesome, so take a little time to check them out! 

My name is Amanda Celeste and I blog over at From A Heart Overflowing. I'm a college junior studying German and Spanish but my interests range in everything from culinary arts to calculus. I spend my days baking, changing my outfit far too many times, laughing to the point of tears with my mister of three years, and trying to show love and kindness to everyone I come in contact with. I usually blog about my outfits, my life's awkward and wonderful moments, and pretty much anything that pops into my mind when I sit down to blog that day.

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Hi! My name's Meredith, and I blog over at Meredith Sledge Photography. I live in Virginia, and I'm just a young girl who loves to photograph life. I'm a senior portrait photographer so my blog often features faces but I also blog about my days: the good, the bad, and everything in between. I love the Lord, my dachshund, Sweet Frog, my iPhone, and having the ability to capture life in a photograph.


Hi. I'm Julie and I blog over at The Funny Thing Of It Is. I am a wife of 15 years, a mother of 3 crazy kids, a lover of Jesus, a native american and I Love to laugh. My life can drive me downright crazy at times, to be honest...but I opt to find the humor and grace in it all. In my blog you will find sarcasm, of course a humorous look at the insanity that is my life, and a honest look at things I have been through & encouragement from a gal of faith who definitely experienced the love of God when life needed a pick me up. Won't you stop by?


I am a college student with a love of family just trying to fill my life with more happiness.  I post about things I enjoy over at Love More, Enjoy More.  These usually include movie and book reviews, a great day with friends, or things that are weighing on my mind.  For me, blogging goes beyond the posts, it is a journal of my life and a discovery of myself, my interests, and my beliefs, which is pretty darn cool if you ask me.


My name is Tamara and I am an art and portrait photographer, and blogger of Tamara Lynn Photography. I have always had a love for capturing the moments of life and the scenes around me and now I love connecting these moments with my readers. I love Helen Levitt, the smell of coffee, laughing as much as possible, and people who have the courage to be themselves and openness to let others around them do the same. I think a good day is going out for coffee and people watching, taking photographs, and coming home to blog about it all. Followed by a night in, especially a rainy one, curled up with a scary movie or a crime novel sounds perfect. Now don’t get me wrong, some pints with friends, mixed with some live music or an art show is pretty ideal as well! I was raised in Philadelphia, I moved outside of Chicago in 2010, and as of 2012, I live in England with my amazing boyfriend, and partner in crime, artist James Jefferson Peart. Together, we run Red Coat Studio, which is the business collaboration of our work. Hope you enjoy my posts, leave lots of comments, and follow : )


Hello all, I'm Tiffany over at The Unlost Wanderer! Reigning from Texas, where it's already WAY too hot this summer.  I started my blog as a way to talk about anything I was thinking about as my fiance and I started a long distant relationship. He was finishing his last semester of college back at our school while I was spending my last semester at home doing my student teaching. I would not say that my blog really was a genre, but I do talk about a lot of personal things; college, wedding plans, travel, likes and dislikes. I would love to develop it a bit more during the summer to combine some recipes, fashion advice, and some decor pictures as we pick out our first apartment and start decorating. Stop by and check out the blog, feel free to comment and start up a conversation, I love talking to fellow bloggers!


Hello i am Chymecindy the blogger behind a.k.a. chymecindy blog. I am in my late tweenties and i blog about personal style, photography and poetry. I am a Filipina and now living in Finland with my daughter and hubby.

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My Billie is a lifestyle blog that revolves heavily around DIY, fashion and encouraging others to live creative lives (my blog design service is also hosted through my blog). I love the connection built with other people through blogging and have had the opportunity to meet some amazing, beautiful and talented women because of it! I look forward to meeting you too : )


My name is Eliza + I'm the voice behind Case Study! I'm 21, newly married, and getting ready to start grad school...we're also in the process of moving + starting new jobs! Case Study is a place where I can share my life, my pictures, my style, and show off my favorite blogs. I hope you stop by and introduce yourself! :)


They're pretty cool, right? Yeah, I know. :)
Oh, and p.s. If you've had issues with becoming a follower of One of Five, or simply getting to this page, I apologize for the inconvenience! I recently purchased a domain website address for One of Five, and it was supposed to take a couple of days to get up and running... but things should be back to normal now!

So just as a heads up, the new and improved address for this One of Five is www.laurenbrumfield.com. Woo!

Oh, and p.p.s. a few other exciting changes are coming to the oof shortly, so get ready!

Have a happy Sunday everyone~ xx.