A Summer Saturday

 So this weekend marks one month of being on summer vacation. While running wild on the golf course, taking enough pictures to annoy our instagram followers, and just being in each others' company is completely awesome and absolutely much-needed therapy, my friends and I are reaally trying to find other things to do. 

If I haven't said it before, our town is small.
Like SMALL. As in "the-town-is-dead-at-9:45pm-and-the-only-place-to-go-is-Sheetz" small.
So, we decided the only thing to do now is leave town. 

And we'd thought we'd go do this::
except without the aliens, obvi.

but it would actually probably end up looking more like this::

I'm actually getting kind of excited about going!
I've never been to a drive-in movie theater before, and it will be nice to switch things up.

a little outfit inspiration for this shindig::
Untitled #2

...and I know that I posted something similar to this not too long ago, apologies. But guys, its my newest form of procrastination. so just deal, okay?

How do you all spend your time during the summer? {We need ideas! hehe} xx.