Weekend Happenings


My friends are completely wonderful. 
Want to know why? 

They took me out on the town for my birthday! We got all dressed up and headed to downtown Charlottesville for dinner. We strolled through the crowds while waiting for a table, stopping for jewelry stands, jugglers, guitarists, and cute puppies. Or at least I did anyway. I held my position near the back of the group with little difficulty, due to the combination of handmade glass jewelry that deserved to be ogled at, and my four inch wedges that required a 'careful' pace. But that's okay, someone had to try on all the rings.
We ate outside at a little bar called Rapture-- it was delicious. Only complaint:: when a group of seven orders a hummus plate as an appetizer and the birthday girl is so hungry that she could eat her hand, they're probably going to expect a liiittle more than a mere five weenie crackers to go along with their large bowl of hummus. JUST saying. 

And you guys remember my roommate, Sara? Well, turns out she lives in Charlottesville and decided to pop by for a surprise visit! I hadn't seen that girl since we left for summer vacation back in May (even though we live 30 minutes away- tragic) so it was wonderful to see her!! Maybe it was because we were taking full advantage of our 15 minute catch up sesh, or because I was deeply into my crab cakes, but sadly we didn't take any pictures! Not a problem though, our dinner date on Monday will do. ;)


Saturday was productive. Not in the 'I-finally-got-around-to-picking-up-all-my-clothes-off-my-bedroom-floor' sense, but in more of a mental sense. Saturday provided clarity for a lot of stress-related areas in my life, which was much needed before my hectic evening at work that followed. 

I work at a winery, y'all. And I'm not exactly... graceful all the time. And for those of you who've never been to a winery, there's wine. Drippy, stainy wine in nice big heavy glass bottles. So long story short, I spilled a little here and there, tripped a little here and there. Great fun. 


And as you all know, it was Father's Day! 
So to celebrate the best dad ever,
we grilled out and enjoyed an afternoon by the pool. 
He opened his gifts, and then we ended the evening with a bowl of ice cream and a family movie night. 

I learned to make my Father's Day card from here. It was too cute!

And as you begin a new week, remember these words::