About that time

Happy Monday, my dearies! The weekend was a lovely little break, huh?

On Friday, I was having a completely normal day at work, until I realized that I was exactly one month away from moving back in for school. To tell you the truth, I'm actually kind of excited to get back! Back to my friends, my routine, my life-- the works. 

So this little realization has given me a full license to begin planning the whole room sitch. Because trust me, when you're working with an 8x8 cube that you have to share with someone else, it takes a little outside planning. And well, I love planning. 

So I've started my pinteresting like crazy, made an account the Container Store, and have already had a target date with the roomie.

Here's the beginnings of my inspiration::
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What have you found to be helpful in living in a teensy space?