I'm baack!

Hello, lovlies. 
I've just returned from a week of bliss and relaxation, of family time, and of beach time. 

I brought my camera with me, but surprisingly no pictures were taken. I was too in the moment. :)
But I did manage to snap a few pictures on my iPhone so I could remember the highlights of the trip::

Vacation began with kind of a rocky start:: the weather. 
The night before we left, I was on date night babysitter duty for a family about 15 minutes from my house. The kids were awesome, and were fast asleep by 8:30. Knowing that their parents wouldn't return for another couple of hours, I pulled my laptop out and pinned, tumbled, and emailed with The Civil Wars to keep me company. Everything was okay, and then it wasn't. The lights started flickering, the windows started shaking, and before I knew it, the power was out. So there I was, sitting in the living room, in the dark, with C'est La Mort playing in the background. A babysitter's worst nightmare. C'mon, you know you've seen those scary movies where the power goes out and babysitter gets weird phone calls that will ultimately lead to her death? Well, I kinda thought that was becoming my life. Dramatic, but whatever. 

So what did I do in this serious time of crisis? Found a flashlight and called my mom. Love her. We talked for a good hour and a half while I waited for the parents to return. By then, the weather had gotten so bad that as I was leaving, I felt like my life had switched from a horror film to the beginning tornado scene in The Wizard of Oz. My once 20 minute drive very quickly turned to 45, as I dodged fallen branches, and swerved to make room for uprooting trees. It was scary stuff. But I finally reached the comfort of my own home, only to find a not so welcoming humid room, and my parents packing for the beach by flashlight. Of course I hadn't even started packing yet, but I was too hot to move. So, I sat on the couch downstairs and had a gourmet cheez-it dinner and talked to my family. Next morning, still no power. But thankfully we left anyway. Word. 

-car ride:: lunch & sleepy brudders. 
-mom asked for a 'beachy' hairstyle
 -the hotel to-do list & the best fruit salad and fish tacos ever.
-beach: palm trees & no make-up.
-fruit basket & america.
-the fourth.
-beachy views. 

Thanks again to my wonderful guestposters for the week! You guys rock. 
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