An Ode to Polka-dot Shorts

So there I was. Found the cutest pair of polka-dot shorts. Had to get them. Walk up to the counter, hand them to the cashier. Everything is going great so far. Ms. Cashier takes her time removing the ink thing. Folds the shorts just so, and carefully rings them into the system. Sweetly tells me how much I owe. We're still going steady. I hand her cash, needing change in return. Hold up, someone pressed the fast forward button. What, the cashier is saying "have a great day!" while handing me the shorts, some coupon, my receipt, and my change all at the same time. Now holding five things including my purse, I'm suddenly being metaphorically 'elbowed' out of spot by the next customer in line whose item has already been rung up. Excuse me? Ms. Cashier? Like seriously, you must know that there is such a thing as a wallet. I have to unzip my purse, find said wallet, unbutton, place the loose change in a zipper pocket, place the cash in one fold, and the receipt in a separate fold. Button wallet, place in purse. Say "you too!" and take coupon, putting it in bag alongside shorts. And you want me to do this when? As I'm walking out to the parking lot while I'm supposed to be pulling out my sunglasses, finding my car key thats managed to dive to the dark depths of my purse, pulling my windblown hair out of the corners of my mouth, and trying to remember where I parked my car? 
Oh really?