sweet, sweet chaos.

Hello my lovely readers~ I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the week!!

I definitely am... We've only just finished Day One and it's so cool to already see God working through these kids at Passport camp. 

For a couple hours everyday, we are taking a break from the 'camp' lifestyle to help others in the community. This picture was taken during a lunch break on our mission site. My group has been paired up with Habitat For Humanity to help build houses for impoverished families. Today was all about deck staining, foundation sealing, and 96 degree weather. In case you weren't sure, 27 middle schoolers are a great smelling bunch after a couple hours of hard labor. Mmm. But that's all I've got for now! It's 11:55, and I'm exhausted. Whaat??

Oh and p.s., I'm doing a little experimenting and posting from my phone from the first time. Im aware that it probably looks weird and strange, but just bare with me and my stubborn self that knows this probably won't work but wants to try it anyway.