The time I came home and slept 17 hours..

Oh wait-- that was yesterday afternoon. Albert and I had just gotten home from passport camp, and I was exhausted in every definition of the word. So I said peace out and went to bed at 4:30, nbd.

But the experience that made me so tired was SO worth it. By 8:00 every morning we had already showered, eaten breakfast, and were working on morning devotions. That was then followed by a very crazy-get-pumped-for-God- Morning Celebration, bible study, and our missions. There was nap time free time, dinner, worship, camp activity, church group devotions, and then bedtime. Our schedules were crazy packed everyday, but it was filled with wonderful fellowship and the best food ever.

I took a few pictures when I had the time, so I thought I would share::
my breakfast the morning before we left & excitement for morning celebration!
To introduce our church, the theme was Awkward Family Photos...
on our mission site! 
Night One:: Rec Party = team-building games with their bible studies!
Night Two:: Dance = The theme for our church was Phineus and Ferb! 
Night Three:: Church Group Free Time = bowling, BBQ, and froyo! 
And I think one of my favorite parts of the entire week was during church group devotions on the final night. We had talked about how a lot of times, people are quick to recognize someone else's gifts and talents that God has given them before they realize their own potential. To back track a little, each day campers and chaperones had been given four cards (at random) to fill out for everyone participating. We called them encouragement cards. On the last night, everyone received a bag of twenty encouragement cards in hopes of, well, encouraging them. It absolutely worked, and it was so special to watch their faces light up as they read each and every card addressed to them. 

If you are apart of/ know a youth that would be interested in going, 
learn more here, and come next summer. :)

Here's where our offering went!! 
Our week of campers raised over 2,000 dollars!