camera dump in b&w

//standstill traffic on the interstate, gotta love it.
//little baby katherine missing all the fun.
//the classic mirror pic.
//love where i live. 
//the prettiest clouds you ever did see.
//again with the pretty clouds. 
//i'm obsessed with fairs. like actually though.
//the most beautiful people i know.
//again with the beautiful people.
//oatmeal, bananas, strawberries & coffee.
//we got new window shutters- love them.
//corn from the farmers market

i'm trying to document more and more as my time here in waynesboro quickly passes. above are the last three days in black & white-- one, because i absolutely love b&w photographs, and two, well because i absolutely love b&w photographs. 

and just for laughs...
so you know those photos where it looks like i'm in the car with suzi and katherine? 
well how else would we pass the time other than making a music video to justin bieber?