CE: for class

My motivation to get ready in the morning varies. Normally it depends on how much sleep I got the previous night, the weather, and how I'm feeling. If I wake up sick with a good four hours of sleep in my system on a nice cold dreary day, ain't no way I'm dressing up. If you look at the nice mathematical ratio that runs through my head in the mornings, you will see that:


I wish it wasn't, but its so true. So in cases like this, I'd probably go with the simple and comfortable:
A white tee, jean shorts, and a high pony tail are timeless. Its an easy throw together outfit for those ten minute mornings, and I don't have to worry about wasting time being all matchy matchy. I'll just toss this on, put on a little mascara, pinch some color into my cheeks, and I'm good to go.

However if I wake up all cheery like this morning (first day of classes, woo!) I might do a little more of something like this:

Untitled #14

Raquel Allegra satin top / Diesel super skinny jeans, $175 / Maison Martin Margiela knee high leather boots / Longchamp travel tote / FOSSIL digital watch / Alkemie jewelry

or this:

Untitled #27

The Row crew neck shirt / Benetton white tunic / Paige Denim high waisted jeans / Sperry Top-Sider kitten heels / Plastic watch / J.Crew stud earrings / Zara studded belt

A few littles to remember::
-layers. unless you tend to be hot when its negative 2 degrees outside, because that's normally where the classroom temperatures are kept.
-find the bag thats right for you. above are three examples of how to carry books & other class necessities-- but just make sure and find what's comfortable. I'm all about switching it up and keeping things fresh, but when the bag with no bottom loses your only pencil in its dark abyss, it might put you a few minutes behind on that timed pop quiz.
-always bring notebook paper even when you think you won't need it.


p.s. I'm guesting posting over here today! xo