CE:: for the closet

Laundry Hampers-

The last thing you want is mixing your clean clothes with your dirty clothes. Especially when it costs $3.75 per load, and especially when you're already saving pennies as it is. So you have to have some sort of laundry hamper, but when you're working with the complete opposite of a walk-in closet, things can get a little tricky. Last year I went with the collapsable hamper, which was great because it did just that-- collapsed. It was light and easy to store away, and it had nice little handles that were helpful when it came time to transport laundry down two flights of stairs to the closest laundry room (hmmph.) At the end of the year however, too much tugging and pulling and sliding caused the mesh lining to rip. This year I'm going with something very similar to the hamper with wheels above. Although its not collapsable, its thinner and much sturdier. The basket hampers are adorable, but would probably work better in a small apartment, or a place a little bigger than a dorm room. But if you can fit one in your dorm, email me a picture because I'm already really jealous.


Okay, so I'm in love with all the different types of hangers that have been invented. You've got your scarf hangers, belt/tie hangers, multiple tier hangers, and then the good old fashioned hangers. Like guys, its awesome. Now I've always been a fan of the wooden hangers (they look prettier, hehe) but they take up so much dang room. So at school, I've been using the extra thin plastic hangers. Since doing so, I've probably doubled my hanging space (can you say yay?). I also have two of the four tier hangers-- they're wonderful for hanging skirts and pants. I'm totally loving the scarf hanger as well-- it takes up just about the same amount of space as a normal hanger, while also keeping all your scarves unwrinkled and separated. 

Shoe Storage-

As for shoe storage, it kind of just depends on preference/ how many shoes you have. I've tried lots of different options, but I've always just preferred keeping my shoes off the ground. It allows me to see what I have, while also freeing up the ground for other things. This year I have the Over-The-Door shoe rack, and its been working out really nicely. My aunt also uses one in her itty bitty nyc apartment, which you can see here. :)

other odds & ends-

//In order to utilize all space in your closet, consider looking into a few of the things above. For instance, the sweater shelf has always been a favorite. Its great if you're lacking in drawer space, and its helpful for storing some of those big chunky sweaters that you only wear when its negative 2 degrees outside, bags or purses, and towels. Again, it keeps things off the ground- which is super helpful.
//Confession:: I buy command strips by the handful. I mean, there's always something that needs to be hung, from belts to towels to pictures. Since nailing in dorm rooms/most apts. is a big no-no, these babies rock.
//Most closets in college don't come with a light switch, so the easy-stick push lights are awesome. They're dim enough to let the roomie sleep soundly, but bright enough to see the actual contents of your closet.
//And last but not least, the over-the-door hooks. I had one in my room at home, and it was great for hanging bags and other little odds and ends. Last year, I ended up using the hooks to hold my wet shower towel, my backpack, and my umbrella.