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When picking out desk supplies for back to school or for a new job, I always put some extra effort into finding a lamp. First of all, you need light. obvi.

Secondly, you're going to want something with a softer, warmer light. It keeps the headaches & hurting eyes at bay when its two in the morning and you're in serious study mode.

And plus, I've always found that a pretty little lamp will create a nice 'homey' feeling-- which is essential for a concrete walled jail cell dorm room.

Last year I had two lamps in my room, both from target (bargain shopper over here!). They were on all the time, and as a result, I almost never used the overhead light that came with the room. It was harsh and unfriendly and that just wasn't cool.

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I'm a huge supporter of desk shelves. I feel like there's always some notebook or pencil holder that doesn't have a spot. And using a desk shelf takes advantage of all the 'air space' thats not being used.

Back in middle school when I thought that it was cool to decorate your locker, I bought two locker shelves (along with a mirror, dry erase board, etc.). I used them all through the end of high school to organize and straighten my textbooks. Little did I know, I would use them in college when I was locker-less.

I've put one on my desk for the past two years, and although they're not the most beautiful things in the world, they do the job. :)

Silver Mesh Locker Shelf / Off Surface Desk or Counter Shelf
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There's nothing worse than needing a pen and not being able to find one. Or needing extra staples, a thumbtack, or a insert what you always lose here. Stop the shuffling through drawers and get yourself a divider. Or a teeny basket. Or a piece of cardboard. I promise its so worth it.

With such a small space that I have to work with, there's really no room for a so called 'junk drawer.' Everything, and I mean everything, has a spot. And if its not there, then it becomes unwanted clutter.

I've been into the basket thing recently, and currently have a lime green one in my desk drawer. It manages to hold my 9 sticky note packs, extra staples, a few glue sticks, and some notecards.

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Call it what you will, but I feel like some sort of message/inspiration/cork board is essential for an organized desk.

You can leave reminders, pin up important papers, or use it for decorative, happy things.

While my desk at home is collecting clutter, my desk at school has to be seriously organized. This year our desks came with the cork board built in, which has proven to be super helpful. Its being used to hold a mixture of important and non important things:: I have all of my syllabuses for the semester, along with important school phone numbers & passwords, and pictures of my home and friends. It keep the creative juices flowing while also keeping me on track. :)

Brocade Magnet Board / Cork Wall Tiles / Mighty Magnetic Strip

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far!! 
Its almost Friday people. xo