CE:: for the library

what to wear::
for the library

Knit cardigan // Striped tank top // Helmut Lang elastic waist pants // Madewell shoes // J.Crew post earrings

1,2,&3. I found that I do my best when I'm comfortable, but not sloppy. If you walk into the library dressed for bed, chances are you'll follow through and fall asleep. Also, the darn place keeps a steady temperature of -2 degrees. Thank goodness for layers. I'm a huge supporter of the oversized sweater with a colorful tank look. And leggings. You'll be glad you wore them when hour 6 of sitting in the same spot is quickly closing in on you.  
4. Ahh the messy bun. If you rock the long hair don't care look like me, then you'll understand where I'm coming from when I say that there's not a whole lot worse than trying to concentrate with hair in your face. It can all be changed quickly though, with an effortless look that literally effortless. 
5. Keep jewelry to a minimum. When I'm not studying, I tend to be that girl that wears multiple rings, a watch, and bracelets on both arms. When I am studying however, the stuff comes off. Its noisy, it bangs into the keyboard, and I just end up fiddling with it. 
6. Close toed shoes= a must. Again with the temperature thing- its rough. It can be a tad hard to concentrate if your toesies are ice cubes. And socks work too! If you don't have time to go back to your room before heading off to study, just slip a pair into your backpack beforehand. It will save you oodles of uncomfortableness, and probably a trip to the hospital to check for hypothermia.

what to bring::
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1. I can't tell you how many times I've made it all the way to the library, completed the daunting task of finding the perfect study spot with just the right temperature & just the right noise level, laying out all my books and notebooks just so, and then realizing I forgot my headphones. Always bring headphones even if you think you won't need them. There will always be that one oddball lecture you have to listen to online, and there will always be that guy who has the sniffles.
2. Chapstick. Just promise me you'll bring it, okay? Especially during the colder months, you'll just want it.
3. A drink: I like coffee, and have gotten in the habit of associating it with hardcore study mode. Its my drink of choice when going to the library, because I know I mean business. Maybe you're not a coffee drinker-- that's cool. Just find a drink to give you that boost of energy & motivation needed.
4. Pretty pens! It makes studying way more fun. And if you're anywhere close to my level of organization, then it will help with color-coding.
5. Rule of thumb:: if you bring your computer, bring your computer charger. Even if you don't plan on staying in the library for long, bring the charger just in case. There's nothing worse than getting on a wild kick of motivation to complete that 8 pager that you've been procrastinating on for a good week and then receiving the "your computer is about to die" notification.
6. Post-it notes are great for tabbing important sections of notes/articles or keeping hold a spot in a book. These babies are my form of a highlighter. If I get the real deal in my hands, I tend to treat it like a paint brush and go crazy. Bright sticky little tabs help with that.