college: round two

Legitimately exhausted, guys. Went to bed last night at 2:15, woke up at 6:15 this morning, and have been moving non-stop ever since! Its been a crazy day packed full of emotions and hardwork, goodbyes and hellos. I'm just now feeling settled into my room- more on that later- but here's a few scenes of earlier today::

-so i don't have a lot of stuff, right?
-i feel like packing clothes is the hardest part of moving..
-the best move-in 3:00 lunch ever
-my mother, ladies and gentleman. keep calm and carry on. 
In honor of returning to school (yay!), I'll be doing a little segment for the rest of this week to talk about some of the different aspects of college: from what to wear to the library, to how to save space.

Stay tuned. :)