happy weekend!

:couple things:

-First of all:: hey, good morning. :) today is going to be awesome, I can feel it.
-This is day 3 of the 'no desserts, no snacks, no food after 9pm, and working out as often as possible' plan-- so far so good. I'm trying to do what I can to stay healthy and get my good habits back before school starts. I mean can you imagine, sick on the first day of classes? Yeah, not happening.
-Saying that, I feel like I'm coming out of hibernation. Over the past few days, I've assumed the role of a hermit, knocking out two seasons of Gilmore Girls, and going out in public only when absolutely necessary. It takes talent, people.
-A HUGE thank you is in order... As you can tell, OOF has gotten a little facelift, and its all thanks to Melanie from my billie! She put up with me being super indecisive and like the worst emailer in the world, soo she's pretty much awesome. Connect with her here for any design inquiries you may have!
-I was blessed with the secret ability to win a cake at cakewalks. Its true. Every single time I have ever participated, I have always won. Maybe that's my calling in life, to be a cakewalker. You think mary wash offers that as a major?
-Two things. One:: I don't like cake. Out of all the desserts in the entire world, I was given the super powers to win the one dessert I'm not a fan of? Forreal? Two:: My luck just changed! Up until now, I have never ever won anything besides cake (ahem, #fatgirlprobs). But just recently, I won a giveaway!! Yep, this came in the mail a few days ago. {eee!}

:recent instagrams:
::the comfy go-to outfit
::a fast moving storm on the way to work {no filter}
::it was a starbucks breakfast kinda morning~
::a bun with a twist
::proof ;)

-any plans for the weekend?
I'll be working a wedding and starting the laundry list of things I need to accomplish before moving in. Its crazy to think that I only have 23 days left of what was an almost four month vacation. Time flies.

To wrap up, I'll leave you with this week's quote::

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face
like sunbeams and you will always look lovely."
-Roald Dahl