i normally don't cry during movies.

Story time anyone?
alright, cool.

So last night was a full on bonding night with my mom. It was the works-- dark chocolate, white wine, two bags of popcorn, & a rom com. The boys were out of the house, so we took full advantage of our small window of opportunity to watch a good crappy flick.

I'm not sure what we were thinking when we thought that A Little Piece of Heaven would be a light-hearted comedy. I mean the title alone should have warned us that it definitely would not make us giggle. Watch the trailer here.

Okay, so we laughed a little. But the laughing to crying ratio was not equal. It didn't even come close.

So there mom and I sat: in our dark basement, hands deep in the popcorn bowl, literally SOBBING. It was like one of those I can't form sentences, or breathe, really ugly cries.

Mom had to get up multiple times to blow her nose, all the while mumbling
"w-whatt a.. s-s-stup-pid m-mo-vie..."

(spoiler alert)
At one point, she calmed down, and then happened to walk back into the room just as the girl closes her eyes, ahem. I'm sitting over in the corner by myself crying uncontrollably, and mom shrieks, "of c-course the girl dies-s!" and runs back out of the room to get another tissue. 

We pretty much looked like this (except without all the cuteness)::
-skip to 1:50 to get the point-

It was quite a sight, people.

The movie ended, I made an embarrassing phone call to my best friend telling her how much I loved her, and then watched an episode of gilmore girls to feel better.

So yeah, if you need a good cleansing, watch that movie.