on packing.

i've run all the errands,
taken plenty of target trips,
and printed out 60+ pictures-
so all that's left to do
is to begin putting my life back into boxes.

i'm feeling nothing like i did last year,
not all panicky and anxious. 
but its still bittersweet. 
every time i'm getting used to being somewhere,
i feel like i have to pack up and leave again.

but i guess all good things come to an end,
and if you never had to leave,
then you wouldn't really appreciate how good they are. 

if there's one thing i've learned in the past year,
its to embrace change. 
because its going to happen whether you like it or not. 
and if you live a constant, unchanging lifestyle,
you'll never learn or experience anything new. 
and that would be no fun. 

//for packing::