one last hoopla

After a day of working/packing, I spent yesterday evening with my babies in Charlottesville. We got all fancy fancy and went out to dinner, then came back to Suzi's for a bonfire. 
It was a lovely evening filled with laughter & conversation all through dinner. It turned out to be a slightly over-priced meal (we accidentally double tipped our waiter--*queazy i just spent too much money feeling*-- but we're just assuming he reeeally needed an extra fifty bones...) but it was all worth it. 
{obviously too involved  with the dessert menu to take a picture..}
We worked off dinner's calories by dancing at a free, local concert within walking distance of our restaurant. Weell, technically we were the only ones full out swing dancing (i was in these babies, might i add) but I'm sure all the old slightly tipsy couples that were swaying back and forth enjoyed the view.

Once returning to Suzi's, we made smores, had drippy marshmallow fights, and reminisced over an old yearbook. Ryan, Suzi's dog, kept getting into the chocolate, my legs were filled with little red bug bites, and Carter unknowingly walked around for a good two hours with marshmallow goo on his nose. While the five of us sat around the campfire until it became embers,  I couldn't help but think how lucky I am to be blessed with these four individuals. I've been sitting here for the past ten minutes trying to put what we have into understandable sentences, but I can't.
I just love them & will miss them terribly.