plans & outfits.

Hello, everyone! What are the plans for today?

Mine was to wake up, do a little breakfast & gym action, and then run a few errands/ begin packing. Key word was. Instead I woke up to a completely empty house; parents are at work, brothers started school today. I feel slightly bummish-- my entire family is out kicking butt in the real world today and I'm sitting at home. But its okay, once school starts in five days (!) I'll be thankful for my slightly bummish days this summer.

But its super crazy! My parents have a child in every school system this year. Nicholas started 5th grade this morning, Albert and Jack are in middle school, Christian is a senior in high school, and I'll be starting my sophomore year on Monday. What a mouth full! But yeah anyway, looks like I'll be skipping straight to the whole 'packing' part of my day since Christian took the car..... sigh.

a few of my outfits lately::
//denim on denim!
//lace tanks & gold necklaces
//new glasses!
//gold toe flats

Happy Wednesday! :)