the little things~

the view
jimmy john's (!!!)
a not $10.00 movie
blue polish
suzi's new bed {grin}
double happy rainbows
finger painting 

its not until you have to think about leaving that you begin to notice all the things you'll soon be missing. i am so so ready to be back in fredericksburg, but i will definitely miss craft night with my babies, the perfect and certain happiness that fills the air after it rains in the valley, and having the time to polish my nails a 'go overboard' blue.

as i said in a previous post, this past week has been crazy busy (but fun). monday was devoted to spending time with my grandmother- we got pedicures, went shopping, grabbed dinner & saw a movie. it was a completely wonderful day. tuesday was work, work, work. wednesday & thursday were spent moving multiple friends into their apartments. i can't tell you how many trips to target i've made in the past 48 hours, and i'm pretty sure my fingers are shriveled and raisiny from the amount of clorox wiping i've done. that's my cure for everything dirty by the way. "just clorox it," and if the stain doesn't go away, at least it will smell better. 

today i'm spending the morning with mom. i'm needing a couple things for the new room, and i've been living off like one pair of jean shorts for the entire summer. and apparently you're supposed to change your tennis shoes every six months if you're a consistent worker-outer? and if you don't its apparently really bad for you heels/feet/support/ankle stuff? well my tennis shoes are only like five years old so..

happy friday, loves. xo