an update.

Hi sweet readers. Hoping everyone had a fabulous Monday~
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1. My family came to visit me over the weekend!
I showed them around downtown, we went to church, had some yummy frozen yogurt, and walked around campus. The weather was beautiful, so getting to walk in the sunshine and catch up was lovely. And you'll notice that Christian (a senior this year) is wearing a Mary Wash shirt.... yayy maybe my plan of getting him to visit me is working? ;)

2. Has anyone here in Fredericksburg gone to Eileen's Bakery before? Its magical. 
Like actually the cutest place ever guys. and the food is deeelish. I took my family here over the weekend, and we had a yummy brunch that consisted of egg & bacon croissants, all of the pastries you could ever imagine, and coffee in four-finger mugs. Perfection. aaand although I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in coffee cake, I'm not too concerned.

3. All these goodies are my new best friends. I'm hoping its a temporary relationship though.
Because yes, my body decided to bring in the new season with an awful cold. That's what I get for being excited for Fall.... {sigh} But let me tell you, comfy sweatpants & polkadot socks help more than you think. (and I guess all the yucky medicine does too.)

4. This guy.
Guys, I can't even. Its a problem. Currently on the lookout for a poster for my room. #sorrynotsorry

5. I've been loving Etsy here recently.
Okay, so I've always loved Etsy. But here lately its been just super cute and awesome. And very helpful for certain birthday festivities coming up. ;)