i happen to love today

Today was a really good day. So good in fact, that I want to share.

First of all, I willingly woke up this morning at 8:30 to go run. I'm being serious. Then I came back and showered and got ready for class, and still had time to eat breakfast. I know, big deal. Oatmeal and coffee. 

After class, I made a couple phone calls & got to catch up with my dad and a best friend from home.
I love phones.

I went to spanish, understood everything by the way (woo!!), 
and then Sara, Sarah, & I decided to walk downtown for the afternoon. 
Even though there was homework to be done, 
we all decided that a little spontaneous trip sounded more fun.

Ya see those two cute things up there? 
That would be a $14.00 purse from a lovely thrift store we found,
 and $13.00 bass shoes from a little consignment store. {love}
Sarah randomly decided to get her tragus & cartilage pierced! 
On the same ear! Impressive, right? 
We treated ourselves to a 'just because' dinner..
..and then later with froyo.
I happen to love today. And these goobers. 

and while I'm bragging about today, 
I might as well tell you guys what I'm doing tomorrow::
You best believe I'm excited.