Oh hey, Michelle.

So basically, this happened.
we waited for roughly three hours outside,
and then for another two hours inside. thats five hours guys. standing.
But it was all worth it because she finally came out,
was completely fabulous for about 30 mins, and then left with her very impressive group of bodyguards. 
and okay. so we were like fifteen feet away, nbd. 

now i've never been hugely into politics, and i've never been that one to spark a political debate at a family reunion, but i mean, come ON. I saw the First Lady. pretty cool. :)

things i now know:
-bring sunscreen if you're planning on waiting outside for ever and ever.
-and small bags to make the airport security easier.
-make sure phone is fully charged to help with the boredom.  
-michelle obama smells really good.