the little things & a giveaway [CLOSED]

bare with me, i'm all over the place today. 
i'm just going to say something that everyone should remember, okay? its the little things that matter the most. breathe the fresh air after it rains, don't take short cuts- in anything- and smile at everyone. 
because its the little things that add to make up the big things. and if you don't have daily little happys, how do you expect to achieve an overall big happiness?

speaking of little happys, i just have to say that you guys are awesome. when i really started blogging about a year ago, i had no intention of gaining readers. oof was to be used as a way for friends & family to stay in touch with my day to day life while i was at school, and honestly, i just really enjoyed writing & having a place to share my photos.
but now the blog has become so much more than that- it has become my channel for creativity & inspiration, and i've met some beautiful new faces along the way.

so to thank you, here's a giveaway::
for a chance to win a $15.00 iTunes gift card,
become a follower of one of five via GFC & leave a comment below telling me what your favorite song is! 
i need some new music people ;)

the winner will be chosen at random on September 10th.
(only shipping to US residents)

email me here if you have any questions. xo!