the room~

So last week in my little college essentials bit I talked about a couple storage options for small spaces, and how to fully take advantage of any and all space in a closet, on a desk, etc.

I've put a few of those tricks to good use in my own humble abode, and today I'd thought I would share!

I've had multiple friends and family members ask what my teeny little room looks like, so this post is for you all, along with anyone else who's genuinely curious about where I'll be living for the next two semesters.

so if you walk through our front door, you'll see something a little like this. 

this is sara's side,

and here's my side!

where we keep the yummies. 
sidenote:: found those records at goodwill for $.25 each! the song titles are "you're the cream in my coffee" and "you're a sweet little headache" :)

above the bed.

in the closet. 

our sink & shower. 

that's pretty much all of it! our room is small, but its cozy. its home