the ultimate brain freeze

hi guys. 

so i just need everyone to take a moment and look at my desk right now. 

this my friends, is what happens when lauren has to write a paper. 

this mess could have been avoided if i would have written the paper last night. you see, sara and i were all cute with our heavy backpacks, comfy clothes, and coffee going to the library. it was a sunday evening, ya know two roomies going to study after grabbing a bite to eat. we were precious, lets be honest. 

what's not so precious, is sitting in front of a blank word document for four hours. let me just say, that i tried my absolute hardest to fill the screen with smart words. i pinky promise. i had all these great ideas in my head, but for some reason those great ideas wouldn't travel to my fingers that were waiting to type. 

thus, empty screen.
thus, going to bed without finishing/starting paper. 
thus, dreaming about Hemingway & Godwin. 
thus, waking up in panic mode when i realized i wouldn't have any time to write the dang thing until about 9:00 this evening. 

which is what i did. hey guys, it was due at 11:59.
so i was all like:

and finished it at 11:52. boom.

does my professor hate me? 

does my body hate me for eating seven chocolate chip cookies for "energy"?
most definitely.