a world with octobers.

Gooood morning & happy Monday everyone!! Is it just me, or is the fact that it it already October just a liiittle bit crazy? We're 1/3 done with the semester, and its officially fall. The leaves are beginning to change, and the weather is becoming a little more perfect everyday. *sigh*

Isn't this about the cutest little set up you ever did see? Perfect for rainy days & get togethers.

Loving this look.

Something to remember for those longer days.

Question of the hour:: who is planning on baking me this?

An Autumn playlist.

My color this season.

Words to make an English major grin.

Orient Express:: my new love.

What a wonderful Autumn craft.

55 ways to take care of yourself when you're busy.

also, a very happy birthday is in order for two very special people. 
Sarah & Suzi, you both are absolutely wonderful.