coffee talk.

a time to spill the beans, to ramble, to vent, to update. all whilst drinking coffee. its coffee talk.
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+I am the literal worst when it comes to interviews. I get nervous and and over-think everything until I make myself even more nervous, and then I get embarrassed that I'm nervous, so I turn red. But then I feel myself turning red so then I get even more nervous to the point where its clouding my responses to questions as basic as "tell me a little about yourself." "Oh, well.. I'm Lauren... and I go to the University of Mary Washington... aand.. yeah." Great.

+I forgot to wash the shampoo out of my hair this morning. What is my life? 

+I've been watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix. I'm not even sure if I should be ashamed of that, but its just a thing, okay? Crappy acting, over-dramatic plot twists, slightly addicting, makes me wish I was a fairytale character. nbd. 

+I haven't done one thing even remotely halloweeny this season. No carving pumpkins, no eating candy, no watching scary movies, nada. and I just have to say that I wish it was socially acceptable to go trick or treating as a college student. Maybe people would give me candy if I acted like this?

+There's a guy named Frank that drives around campus on a golf cart. He offers rides to those injured or carrying a heavy load. He drives around for the sole purpose of looking to help, while constantly waving at students and telling them to have a great day. There should be more people like Frank.

+I walked all the way to my accounting class this morning only to find out it was cancelled. With shampoo in my hair. and coffee breath. and five hours of sleep in my system. Like this is ridiculous.

+I have a feeling this is the calm before the storm. Literally. The weather has been so weird lately, and everything is eerily still today. Its almost like there's a breeze, but nothing sways. Spooky halloween weather? Yeah, let's go with that.

+I'm writing this post on a bench outside. Us mary wash folk like to call it benching. Benching: v. act of sitting on a bench doing nothing but people watching and other happy things; socially acceptable to sit alone or with a group. Ya know, like I'm just benchin' between classes. Word.

Is it just me, or does anyone else ever have just really weird days?