currently. to be friday. I've never been big on wishing time away, but I'm ready to push through midterms so I can go home for fall break! I'm so excited for a few days off with my family. 
...a chocolate covered rice cake. My friend from work introduced them to me over the summer, and my life has been changed ever since. They're just the perfect little snack, chocolately, and still relatively healthy. Its only a slight obsession, okay guys? 
...poems. Poems on poems on poems. We've just recently started a poetry unit in my English class, and up until now I've been less than enthused. Poetry in a classroom is like wearing sunglasses indoors or eating carrots in a movie theater-- just a little over the top. It is meant to be absorbed by the reader, but instead its a tad bit overanalyzed; like all the juice has been squeezed out and there's nothing left but ink on a piece of paper. anywho...
...about Paris. Maybe its because I was looking through photos from two summers ago, or maybe its because Joanna at A Cup Of Jo just did a post about it, but I desperately want to go back. One week wasn't enough. If I had a bagilliondy dollars, I would fly everyone in the entire world (in shifts, perhaps) to Paris (after solving world hunger, of course.)
...this, this, this, and this