happy scenes

As some of you may know, there's apparently a huge hurricane coming through the east coast. I've already baked a batch of cookies and made two trips to the grocery store in hopes of preparing for expected power outages. Even though its only just now raining, classes have already been canceled & we have received multiple emails on how we're supposed to go about getting food for the next few days. I have a feeling its going to be pure chaos, but let's not think about that. 

So before we're officially on lock-down without power, I wanted to share a couple happier scenes that don't involve scary skies and side-ways rain. Cool?
-polka-dot shorts and high-waisted shorts / accounting homework is always better with a pink calculator- 
-morning light / momma's care packages-
-warm enough for flip-flops / autumn at UMW-
-the perfect halloweekend skies-
speaking of halloween... 
i was a criminal and sara was an indian. we both spent $7.00 on our costumes. we. are. champs.

Have a wonderful start to the week everyone!
Stay safe. xx