october photo a day

#whereistood:: i just need everyone to take a second and think about my sweaty hot mess of a self 
attempting to take a picture of my feet without slowing down my rhythm on the elliptical. a grand sight.
#lunchtime:: a yummy salad with huge cherry tomatoes. Mmm.
#thishappenedtoday:: a peanut butter sandwich cookie at roughly 10:30pm. 
it had chocolate icing and everything guys. 
#whatyouread:: something that stuck with me. 
#shadow:: a lovely morning on campus
#imthankfulfor:: beautiful guitar playing friends. 
#light:: it was the perfect time of day to be browsing for pumpkins.
#red:: lips.
#emotion:: momma always knows how to make me smile.
--want to play? here is October's daily themes!--