Well happy Friday everyone! I'm officially settled back into my teeny home in Fredericksburg~ Fall Break came and went so quickly.. it was such a tease! I did however have a lovely four days of pure awesomeness that could be summed up in about three categories: bed, family, cookies. (Oh, and I got to watch JGL do his thing in Looper...it was fantastic). 

It does feel good to be back though, just in time for a little half week of classes that's now already over. Wooo! But I'm afraid the break & short week combined with the perfectly colored leaves around campus is a strong remedy for unproductiveness, my friends. I'm having such a hard time focusing and finding the motivation to do anything! So this weekend will definitely be used as a catch up time for me. Because everyone knows you need a catch up time after the 'catch up time' your vacation was supposed to be, right? What are you guys planning on getting into over the next couple of days? xo.