happy hunger games, america

1. Hey, its like 36 degrees outside. what.
2. But that shouldn't stop you from voting!! Do it, forreal. 
3. This is the first time I'm actually freaking out getting hyped up about election day. My opinion matters this time!
4. Speaking of opinions, they're all cool. Everyone is entitled to have their very own. Lets just all agree that we want what's best for the ewe ess of ayy, sound good?
5. I seriously wish women still wore hats like that at the polls. Or maybe just in general. Yes, that is a dare.
6. Over the weekend I got to hug these people. Email me for stories. Like woah.
7. Election ads end after today! Hey I've got a good idea... you should celebrate and go vote! 
8. May the odds be ever in our favor.