just things.

things i love this week:                                                                                                                                                                      ***
+white picket chairs under the perfect tree with the perfect breeze.
+downton abbey. just, yes. okay?
+this burt's bees w/ pink grapefruit
+seeing people smiling, completely absorbed with their own thoughts.
+older couples that bring their puppies on campus because "they will get the lovin' they deserve."

things i don't understand this week:
+decaf. like why. 
+needing time apart. you either know or you don't. 
+va weather. do i need my scarves&gloves or do i need my shorts? 
(i've worn both within the last ten days, ahem.)
+accounting. lord help me.
+how taylor swift knows my life.

other things this week:
+its the middle of november, and i can already feel the heat of finals in a month.
+my dorm building had a fire on friday night! thankfully no one was hurt, but there was enough damage in some of the rooms that meant friends had to be relocated. sara and i feel very lucky.
+i'm creeping up on tissue box 3 and week 4 of being sick. what a blast. 
+i've worn the same shirt in some fashion for the past three days. its reasons like this that oof could never be a stylistic blog.
+i'm seriously craving a caramel apple. yep.