recent scenes

{the handsome men in my family}
{peeping at the horses}
{taking a breather}
It is during the Autumn months where I find myself especially lucky to be living in Virginia. Not everyone has the privilege of seeing blue sky after blue sky, and colorful leaf after colorful leaf. These pictures have all been taken within the last week or so, and they just make my heart incredibly happy!

At the beginning of the semester, I auditioned to be apart of PAC (performing arts club) at umw. I've spent the last few months with a wonderful group of people learning choreography for two different pieces that I'll be in. We've worked super hard, and I'm so excited to say that our show is finally here! We've had rehearsal everyday this week to prepare for tonight's show and sunday's show. Click here for more details, and if you're in the Fredericksburg area you should definitely come! Its going to be awesome.

How have you all been this week? Thanksgiving break cannot come soon enough. xo