three not-so-horrible facts

Now I know what some of you may be thinking::

There's a select couple of times during the year where everything's always kind of draggy for me. 
+Around February: I'm kind of done with the cold, and nothing exciting really happens.
+Around the end of August: Summer is coming to a close and I have to somehow get back in a "you mean I have to do homework again?" mindset. 
+The end of November: maybe its just me, but for about a week and a half, there's a hard realization that no, the semester isn't over, and I can't afford to think about anything but finals.

Can anyone relate?

But I've decided we'll be okay! Sure its rainy and cold, and sure your daily lists of to-do's give you that sickly feeling because all you want to do is decorate for Christmas and listen to Justin Bieber's Mistletoe on repeat, but its all good!

Let me tell you why::
+You can jump in puddles.
+You can wear cute hats. Or earmuffs. Or scarves or mittens. The choices are endless. 
+You can still listen to Mistletoe while you're checking things off your list, its cool.
+You can get Starbucks. I mean the cups are red so...
+You can watch the Christmas movies as little breaks.

So enjoy the now. The then will come eventually. :)
Happy almost almost almost Friday.