to the best roommate in the entire world

I love that we act like an old married couple at the grocery store. I love our movie nights. I love that you don't hate me when I set fifteen alarms in the morning because you do the same thing too. I love how we reason back and forth only to conclude that eating the entire batch of cookies is acceptable. I love that all of our memorable conversations happen after 2am. I love you for getting me hooked on Friends. I love that we've some how managed to keep Cleo (our child fish) alive for almost a year. I love that we can exchange glances and have an entire conversation. I love that you've helped me with my (pitiful) music collection. I love that we can sit in silence and be perfectly content. I love that you send me knock knock jokes while you're "studying" at the library. I love that you have an abnormal obsession with Harry Styles. And I love that all of my completely awesome and completely not-so-awesome college memories involve you. Happy 19th.