Hi, good morning~

Surprise! I went home yesterday evening. My dad was in town so he just scooped me up after classes! I'm headed back sooner than I would like (this afternoon, actually) but its still been nice to see everyone for a bit. I've noticed so many little changes in the short amount of time I've been here. Some expected, like bare branches and the candied-apple smell of my mom's favorite candle. Some unexpected, like a young man's voice and height that's now attached to my little brother. 

There's also a for sale sign in my front yard now; it was something I was aware of, but seeing it is a different matter entirely. My dad got a promotion, so the family is moving to North Carolina. Its bittersweet, but I'm determined to think more sweetly than bitterly. Its (hopefully) going to happen over the summer after Christian graduates, so it will be a time of transition for our family anyway. If there was ever such a thing as a good time to move, this coming summer would be that time. Change is a good thing. 

 I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather- man it got cold fast! But then again it is November, so I guess its about time I put the flip-flops away and bring out the wintery things. And I'm not embarrassed to say that I've already begun thinking about Christmas and everything that it entails. My extended family has been sharing an email chain for quite some time now about the holidays, so every time I hear a little bing! I can't help but get excited. I'm already done planning for gifts, a trait that I've learned from the women in my family. My grandmother begins her shopping in August, and the day after Halloween gives her permission to pull out the boxes (and boxes and boxes) of decorations. I just love it. 

Have a lovely Saturday, everyone. Take a moment to notice the little things~

p.s. guess what I'm doing this evening?