2013 Calendars

As much as I hate to admit it, one of my favorite things about the new year is being able to purchase a new calendar and planner. I've tried using the features on my iPhone and computer, but coming from someone who fights with technology on a daily basis, there's just too many buttons and steps to go follow to write "so-and-so's birthday" or "doctor's appointment" on this day at this time. And what I absolutely don't want is becoming so organized on so many different do-dads that it actually takes away from my productiveness. So without fail, I always go back to the comfort of paper and pen. And for the record, calendars just totally add to the look of an office or kitchen space.

Untitled #69
1. Botanical Perpetual Calendar $20.00 :: Love the idea of being able to write daily tasks in a vertical format like that. 
2. Botanica 12 Month Calendar $32.00 :: This calendar is simply beautiful. click on the link and see for yourself!
3. Calendar Tea Towel $25.00 :: I've never seen anything like this before. How very unique and fun. :) 
4. Recipe Wall Calendar $25.00 :: Okay, this one has to be a favorite... how cool would this be in a kitchen?
5. Black and White Desktop Calendar $15.00 :: I've always been a b&w girl. Safe, simple and sophisticated. 

p.s. more calendars.