coffee talk.

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+Yesterday it was roughly 73 and a half degrees in Fredericksburg. I was humming Christmas tunes and wearing shorts & flip-flops. And I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of complaining about it. I just have a really cute beanie I want to wear, okay? 

+I may have mentioned it before, but my roommate isinlovewith dreamsabout has an obsession with this boy. They've had quite a long and serious relationship dating back to the beginning of last summer. At the start of this semester, I can even remember Sara describing her love with, "Lauren, its bad." Well since this apparently is like a new thing, she has informed me that they're officially over. And don't worry guys, Sara's coping just fine with the transition.  Hope he's not too torn up though. 

+Speaking of break-ups, my Camelback water bottle ended things the other day. And by ended things, I really mean that taking a drink would put more contents on my shirt/lap/the floor than in my mouth. I'm having withdraws. We were in a relationship for almost two years. I got a new pretty pink but not Camelback water bottle to try and fill the empty, waterless space in my heart, but its just not the same. *stares longingly into the distance*

+I just dedicated an entire paragraph to my feelings about a broken water bottle. #whyi'msingle

+Just some things I want to be doing today instead of what I actually have to be doing:: my dad's office is perfect for this // instead of going to class // just this // making these 

+In about thirty minutes I'm planning on buying a cup of coffee and stealing pretending I need about 27 of those little kiddy creamers because I'm too poor/ don't have the time to walk to the closest grocery story for a big girl thing of creamer. Judge if you must. Maybe some people actually use 27 creamers in a small coffee. You never know....?

+Sara's mom sent us a box of walnut white chocolate chip cookies with coconut in them on Thursday afternoon. We're talking like 40 cookies. They were gone as of Sunday night. Just this.