Holiday Scenes

...over the last week or so:
+The sibling gingerbread house & comfy clothes. 
Apparently all I'm good for is the wreath and doorbell. Can you tell I have four brothers?
+Oh, the luxury of having a nightstand. And candles. And being able to light them. 
I love college, but sometimes I think I'd rather throw it all away to have candles. 
+yes, yes it did. And for the record, dark chocolate and peppermint = the best thing ever. 
+Dad, Albert and I spent an evening making the outside look as happy as the inside!
+Festive drinks with my aunt on Christmas Eve. :)
+playing a little football on Christmas morning before it started snowing!
+A white Christmas makes everything better. 
+and we were pretty prepared for the weather...
+Louie thought so, too. 
+My family also served breakfast at the homeless shelter to over 50 men, women & children.
You would think that 12 dozen eggs would have been enough, 
but the guys actually had to leave half way through to go get more yummies!
It was a wonderful experience. Being able to make a huge breakfast with my family, serve it, 
and then grab a plate for ourselves to eat and talk with them. I'm feeling a new tradition coming on.. ;) 
Hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Happy Holidays from me and my family to you and yours. 

Oh and p.s., I dyed my hair. Went dark! :)