its about that time of year

...where all I do is study, study, study.

Finals start tomorrow, so this weekend has consisted mainly of one-on-one bonding time with my textbooks, lecture notes, and flash cards. Fun, right? It actually hasn't been too bad, and I've been changing my study scenery every four hours or so to keep things fresh. The weather here has been perfectly dreary, so all interests in procrastinating outdoors have been muted. I just came back from UMW's last brunch of this year, and its definitely apparent that the semester is coming to a close. As you can tell from the photo above, literally no one was out on campus walk. Everyone's studying (ahem, cramming), the library is abnormally full and quiet at the same time, and my twitterfeed has suddenly become very lively during the wee hours of the morning. 

Durning my study breaks, I've been watching Christmas movies (last night's selection was The Holiday-- I just need a little Jude Law in my life, okay?) and have begun to put my life back into suitcases for the next month. I was explaining this process to a friend that lives in Fredericksburg and commutes, and he replied with: "So it really is like living your life semester to semester." Its essentially true. I move in for Fall semester, move out (basically) for Christmas, move back in for Spring semester, and then move out for Summer. But I love it. I can officially say that Fredericksburg has become my home. So being able to have two homes... well, I'm a very lucky girl.