recent scenes-

::Snapshots During Finals Week::
My lovely desk. Sara and I are pretty certain that if we took all of those little to-go coffee cups from the week and glued them together, we could make a seriously impressive tower. Do I feel a new DIY decoration tutorial coming on...? No?
Speaking of Sara... Reason #4893 why she's the complete best. 
Who doesn't love a homemade Christmas cookie to help with the studying blues?
Found these little notes on two separate occasions in the library. 
Desk cubicle love and bathroom stall humor. 
On the eve of day four: we reached dysfunctional. 
trash, middle parts, and closed eyes. good times. 
...but then I finished my last exam and 
shared a little celebratory treat with Momma. Eeee!


:from last night:

HAY GUYS. So i survived exams and i'm like already home and stuff. its the most magical most wonderful most best feeling ever to know that I don't have to do any school work for the next month. Like guys, words... there just are none. p.s. it has taken me about eight and a half minutes to type this little things because my eyes keep glazing over. its bedtime. xo

-so I guess I was a little sleep deprived?