Things to Think About When Planning Your NY Resolutions

While the usual "get to the gym more" and "go to bed earlier" resolutions might be very real goals for the new year, consider these ideas too::

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1. Say "I love you" more. If there's one thing I've learned, its that time flies. Those people that are impacting your life right now may follow a path one day that is no where near yours. Don't take their company for granted. p.s. Different ways to say I love you.  

2. Use your vacation days. My family and I were actually talking about this over Christmas dinner-- Most people are so dedicated and extremely wonderful at their jobs that they don't use their vacation time. Then suddenly its the end of the year, and those seven precious days that could have been spent on a beach somewhere were used up in a office. Take a personal day, use a long weekend, or spend a week to take care of yourself. Having a little bit of "me time" will allow you to de-stress and come back to work with a refreshed, positive attitude. 

3. Challenge yourself. Ever since I can remember, my dad has always said, "Lauren, look for the moving bus in your life"-- meaning that you should always look for the next biggest and greatest opportunity to better yourself. Do things the right way, not the easy way. Put yourself in situations to learn and thrive. 

4. Read the book. You know, that one that you bought two years ago after seeing it on the New York best sellers list? That one that sits on your coffee table or nightstand because it looks "pretty"? Read it. Before bed, every night, until its finished. Make it a habit. p.s. 8 Benefits of Reading.

5. Declutter all aspects of your life, not just the junk drawer. While that drawer in your kitchen may drive you crazy when you have to look for a pair of scissors, think about other ways you can clean up and simplify. Email. Closet. Facebook newsfeed. Take the time to unsubscribe from all of the daily junk emails you receive, donate clothes you never wear, and de-friend people that clutter your newsfeed with drama and biased politics. The little things add up.